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About The Forest


Straight out of a childhood storybook, the overgrown tracks weave their way through our 25 acre forest with its ever changing array of colours.


Planted around 40 years ago, the small forest is planted with oak, liquid amber, atlas cedar, Himalayan cedar, Japanese mapple, redwood, macrocarpa, spruce, red alder, scotch pine and more.


The woodland trail is made up of a few short tracks - The Whispering Woods and the Forgotten Forest trails, and a short walk through Maple Grove will take you to a small clearing with a moss covered picnic table, a perfect spot for a romantic old fashioned picnic. We open to visitors by arrangement. There is no charge for entry. Walks can be completed in under an hour, but we recommend taking time to appreciate the details, to stop and listen to the birds and the trees, and to relax and search for faeries. Suitable footwear is required. 




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