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Girl's Day Out - City Break


If you're looking for something different to do for a birthday celebration, baby shower, hen's party or just a girl's day out or a short break from the city, why not get a few friends together for a morning course followed by a relaxing afternoon at the Morere Hot Springs, or stay for the weekend or or a mid-week break.


Book a course at a time that suits you

Choose from the following options:



An introduction into the fascinating world of essential oils to enhance physical and mental wellbeing. Learn about base, middle and top notes and how the oils affect moods.


Energy Diagnosis


Learn how to dowse to determine your own energy and that of others. This includes reading chakras (concentrated energy centers) to discover energy blockages, and correct the energy flow. Gain a basic understanding of how colour affects our lives and health.


Palm Reading


Learn the basics of palm reading, including how to interpret the lines, the mounts, and the finger and palm prints. 


Individual palm readings & energy diagnosis is also available for $20 per person. Allow 30 mins - 1 hour. See our palmistry tab for more details.


Perfume Making


Learn how to make your own signature perfume using pure essential oils in an alcohol base. Discover how to blend the oils to suit your personality type, and take home your own 10ml perfume.



Individuals: $50


Groups: $20 per person for a maximum of 6 (or contact us for other group rates)

Courses take 3 hours

We also offer the option of helping you create your own 10ml perfume, without the course. Just give us a call and drop in ($30 with a 10 - 30 minute consultation.


Weed walks are also available at $10 per person, allow around 30 minutes. See our weedwalk tab.

SET COURSES - Monthly Special

Once a month we fix a date for each course at a special rate of $30 per person, up to six people can book individually to come along. 







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